February 2021


Experience the full Neat Iota range at Audio Gone Wild.  We have just received new demonstration pairs of all three models in the range, from the diminutive Iota through to the range topping Xplorer.  

These are all interesting designs that offer something different technically and work well in typical listening rooms.

The tiny Iota is a lovely little speaker, being lively, engaging and non-fatiguing over extended periods.    

Moving up the range, the Alpha offers a full-scale rendition of music from a very compact enclosure.  It uses a clever concealed sub-woofer in the base of each speaker allowing the midrange to operate in a sealed enclosure.   Like the Iota, a planer quasi-ribbon tweeter completes the picture.  

The range topping Xplorer has fantastic scale and resolution whilst being musically satisfying.    An isobarik arrangement uses two woofers in parallel, a design borrowed from the Ultimatum range.   This is complemented by the Neat mid/woofer (also used in the Ultimatum) and, lastly, an air-motion transformer tweeter.  Despite a lot going on in this design it all blends seamlesly (as noted in a 5* What Hifi? review).   The Xplorer is also particularly easy to drive and suits even quite modest amplification.

As already mentioned, all three are on demo as well as a selection of Neat’s other speakers for comparison.